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Sealed with a KISS and blood as band brings its massive Spider stage show Down Under

For once it’s starry-eyed KISS singer Paul Stanley, and not his demon-faced bandmate Gene Simmons, who is spitting blood.

The night before our chat, during rehearsals for his new R&B side-project Soul Station, Stanley threw a tambourine in the air — and managed to hit himself in the face, cutting his lip in the process.

“Oh my gosh — I don’t want to smile too broadly because it will open up again,’’ he laughs. “But that’s what you get for being a show-off!"

The irony is not lost on a performer who has spent his entire career surrounded on stage by explosions and fireballs, dancing in seven-inch platform heels and flying across stadiums on a wire.

“We were all laughing today that, given 40 years of doing some things that to the untrained would be fairly dangerous, it would be a tambourine that would do the most damage."

While KISS concerts have always been known for their theatrical spectacle, the band will return to Adelaide next week with a show unlike any ever seen here before — the “Spider” stage.

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