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AUDIO: Gene Simmons on DYKJ with Jack Antonio

On Friday, July 1st/2016, Jack Antonio chatted with the one and only KISS demon GENE SIMMONS.

On the band's FREEDOM TO ROCK TOUR (starts at 55sec):
"the tour is designed to bring what we do, which is complete spectacle and (has) more fire power than most third world countries, right into the cities that would normally have to get into cars and drive many hours to get to the big cities..."

Gene talks about playing smaller centres and a specific memory of an early KISS show in Edmonton at 4.14

On the setlist for the tour (5.36):
"You'll get to hear 'Detroit Rock City' and 'Rock N' Roll All Nite' but we'll also put in nuggets that we don't usually play."

On what the band thinks about cell phone bans at venues (in light of the Apple patent) (6.33):
"When we first started out this was before cell phones or technology or even voice mail. There was no cable or no nothing so at the concert they took away your cameras they didn't allow you to do that so in many ways the concert experience especially with KISS was real. It was emotional, it was deep. Y'know people would pass out, cry and it was very emotional. Technology of course has made it less emotional. Y'know when you get back home with your cellphone and look at your video there and you go 'OH! I don't remember that from the concert!' of course you don't because you were too busy texting or looking at your cellphone. But do I think that they should have the technology to shut off your stuff? Well maybe with your okay. Y'know at least beforehand they say 'Okay you're about to enter a no cellphone area' that's fine. As long as you know going in."

On the band's multi-generational appeal (8.05):
"You can easily put a lump in my throat when I look out int he audience and see a dad in his KISS makeup and on his shoulders five/six years old at his first KISS concert wearing the makeup and next to both of them is granddad who is 55 or 50 or whatever and he's got his makeup on. And That kid on dad's shoulders who puts up the sign, the hand sign for the first time in his life... that, uh, I usually have to turn away and take stock of myself, otherwise I'd be crying like a 12-year-old girl whose foot was being stepped on."

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