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KISS on TV: July 18 - 30, 2016

A look at KISS and its members, making TV appearances over the next week.
July 20: BE COOL (Featuring Gene Simmons)
12:35 PM (ET) on Starz BK

July 20: BE COOL (Featuring Gene Simmons)
11:40 PM (ET) on Starz BK

July 21: THE NEW GUY (Featuring Gene Simmons)
10:15 AM (ET) on Comedy Central

July 23: THAT METAL SHOW (Featuring Peter Criss)
1:00 PM (ET) on VH1 Classic

July 26: THAT METAL SHOW (Featuring Ace Frehley)
1:30am AM (ET) on VH1 Classic

July 29: Oprah: Where Are They Now (Featuring Paul Stanley)
2:00 PM (ET) on OWN

July 29: BE COOL (Featuring Gene Simmons)
11:05 PM (ET) on Starz

July 30: BE COOL (Featuring Gene Simmons)
1:15 PM (ET) on Starz

July 17: BE COOL (Featuring Gene Simmons)
7:00 PM (ET) on Starz

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