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Why KISS ditched ‘next generation’ TV game show plan

Eric Singer explains why KISS abandoned plans for a TV game show to recruit the next generation of band members.

KISS drummer Eric Singer has revealed why the band drew up plans for a TV game show to recruit the next generation of members – then abandoned the idea.

The discussion came after Gene Simmons talked up the notion of KISS continuing once all the original men had gone, and came up with the game format alongside Mark Burnett, who devised The Apprentice.

The game show scheme was finally put to bed by band manager Doc McGhee.

Singer tells Talk Is Jericho: “There was talk years ago about trying to do a TV show they were going to call KISS: The Next Generation, kind of like one of those reality shows, based on finding the members and putting them together.

“But the problem was, like Doc said, it’s a great idea – but once you do that, then KISS as it is now, you’re done. You can’t do that kind of a show, then still keep being KISS.

“I think that’s what probably made it not happen. They realised, ‘No, we still want to play.’”

Paul Stanley has spoken for and against the suggestion of KISS without any originals, while former guitarist Ace Frehley has slated it.

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