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S&B Candy And Toy Co. Debuts KISS-Themed Rotary Crane

New from S&B Candy and Toy Co. is a rotary crane themed to a legendary American hard rock band. The company said its KISS Double Platinum crane game, named after KISS' first greatest hit album, is a patented concept and exclusively licensed to S&B and its sister distribution company, St. Louis Game Co.

KISS Double Platinum features a rotating playfield and magnetic retrieval device. Players are challenged to pick up a variety of licensed KISS merchandise, including CDs, headphones and MP3 players, among other prizes. The cabinetry boasts brilliant lighting effects, an enhanced Boss 200-watt triaxial sound system and life-size KISS character side graphics. "These features will make this machine the center attraction of any gameroom," S&B said.

S&B's new KISS crane line is available in two conventional configurations, too. Phantom Of The Park is a candy and toy crane sporting comic book graphics with kid appeal; full visibility of its front door makes the compact machine look larger than its 25" width. KISS World is a classic claw machine boasting the same themed graphics, lighting and sound featured on the Double Platinum model. S&B's latest cranes are equipped with onboard keyboard programming that replaces dipswitch and potentiometer settings.

The St. Louis-based company, which specializes in creating crane product mixes, is providing licensed KISS candy and toy assortments to complement its new crane machines.

Also new from S&B is a 100% skill ticket vending kit for use with its crane machines. Ticket rolls invite players to try to win hundreds of redemption tickets with each turn. With S&B's unique solution, higher-value ticket rolls have smaller center holes for the magnet to enter, thus, simplifying gameplay while increasing the challenge.

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