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Gene Simmons Talks About Upcoming Solo Show in Braman

KISS doesn’t begin an overseas tour until May 1.

“Before then, I am kind of free,” Gene Simmons said.

What should he do with his spare time?

Jam in Oklahoma, of course.

It was announced recently that Simmons will headline an all-day outdoor music festival April 6 at Southwind Casino in Braman, a tiny Kay County town in north central Oklahoma.

Simmons provided elaboration during a telephone interview that came after the festival was announced in a March 20 press release. First, in case you’re not clear about this, be aware that KISS isn’t performing April 6 in Braman. A KISS concert there is likely inevitable because Simmons and Paul Stanley announced in January they are teaming with the Kaw Nation to bring a Rock & Brews Casino Resort (with a 1,500-seat event center) to Braman. But that’s a story for another day.

The “now” news is Simmons will hop on stage in Braman with what he called the Gene Simmons Band. They performed March 18 in Cleveland, Ohio, in what has been described as Simmons’ first full-length solo concert.

“Every once in a while, Johnny Depp and I will get up someplace and play a song or two, but I never toured or never did anything outside of KISS,” Simmons said. “And I’m having a great time.”

How will a Simmons show be different than a KISS show?

Simmons won’t be in makeup. Those who make the trek to Braman can count on hearing some KISS standards. “Of course, we will play ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ ” Simmons said.

But he said solo shows give him a chance to “dig deep” and perform “obscure” material. He mentioned the songs “Almost Human” and “Got Love for Sale” from KISS’ “Love Gun” album.

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