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Chris Sebela Talks KISS/Vampirella #3

Hey, welcome back to Issue 3 and my endless commentary upon it. Lotta stuff happens in here, so let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Page 1:
I’ve said it before, but it turns out I really, really like writing song lyrics for fake bands. This issue has plenty, but this particular Witchkraft song I like most for the chorus, which is not on this page. But Annapaola really excels at drawing exciting rock shows. Plus, we get a quick-and-dirty Witchkraft origin story.

Page 2:
So, I don’t know where Vampi gets her money, and I kind of don’t care. Money is what makes life possible on this planet, so I feel like it’s the first and best lesson she would have gotten after landing here from Drakulon. Vampi’s a fighter, so she’d gather the best weapons she could and money makes for a pretty good attacking point. I like the idea of her paying off Witchkraft’s bass player to go away so she could slide on in. Oh and here’s that chorus, I like that saying about “We are the witches that you never burned,” and felt like it would make for a good rock song. Turns out I was right.

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