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Music Review: Ace Frehley and “Hard for Me”

Ace Frehley has a previously unreleased single from his 2009 album, “Anomaly.” “Hard for Me” is the kind of heavy metal song that made the genre popular with a certain demographic in its prime.

The song begins without fanfare. It is difficult to tell which is pounding harder, drums or guitar. Guitars create tension among themselves, but all seem to play in relatively low registers until the solo. The solo, unlike many famous solos, does not scream. That grinding groove that is found throughout the song is manipulated and prolonged in the solo. The drums never sound out of time. In short, there is hardly a drawback to be found in the instrumentation.

I realize it seems as if I mean that there are problems with the lyrics. This is not true. This is heavy metal. While some fans appreciate it when bands go deep and make a statement about a social issue, not every band does that. Likewise, not every fan likes socially aware songs, so there is music for everyone. That said, the lyrics are not deep. They sound like they could have been written in the 1980s when kids were still staying up late to watch “Headbangers’ Ball.”

Given what Frehley is discussing in this song, credit should be given for the fact that he avoids an “explicit” label from streaming services. Innuendo and a well-placed pronoun do the work for Frehley and that clever touch doesn’t hurt the song, either.

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