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'Collateral damage' from #MeToo, #TimesUp 'heinous': Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons supports the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements within the music industry with one major caveat.

“I think it’s wonderful for women to be engaged in the conversation and the positive side is there have been a lot of bad guys who have gotten away with it (and aren’t anymore) — that’s a good thing,” the 68-year-old KISS bassist said while in Toronto earlier this week as the new media spokesman for Canadian cannabis company Invictus.

“The collateral damage is heinous because anybody can say anything and there’s no presumption of innocence. That’s the problem,” Simmons said. “The problem is you don’t have your day in court.”

“As soon as somebody cries and the mascara runs, the guy’s life is ruined and it’s over. He may be guilty or he may be innocent but what happened to our justice system? You’ll make more money. You’ll embarrass him everyday. Instead of in a news conference which gets you no money. I’m totally in support of anything and everything that follows the rule of law. Get a lawyer. Do it legitimately.”

Simmons also doesn’t believe the movements will change the music industry.

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