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What's Your Favourite Musical Side-Project?

The web site stuff.co.nz has a feature article by Simon Sweetman on his BLOG THE TRACKS blog. He looks at his favorite "Side Projects" by rock artists. Projects like some of the Phil Collins solo work while he was a member of Genesis. But it is no surprise what his favorite "Side project" is.

Sometimes the side-project eclipses the main gig - and since Wikipedia mentions the solo albums by the members of Kiss in the Wiki entry about side projects I have to say that the album Ace Frehley by Ace Frehley is my favourite Kiss album/Kiss-related album; I think it eclipses anything (else) by the band. But I'm not a Kiss fan, as you already know. That's why I was all the more surprised to be really digging the Ace Frehley album.

But, more likely, the side-project was something you didn't ask for, didn't need and wish never happened. Revisionism can tell you that Dee Dee Ramone going hip-hop was a good thing, for instance. Quirky, fun. But - it was not.

Some side-projects aren't all that different from the main act - but still show a different side/different strength; some new colours are sprayed about...

I got to thinking about this because last night I tried out the NPR First Listen link to hear the new Thurston Moore band/project, Chelsea Light Moving. I'm counting this as a side-project because - at this stage - the word on Sonic Youth is hiatus rather than terminal illness; Moore and Kim Gordon have ended their relationship, but they could well go on to become the John and Christine McVie of indie-rock.

Read more of this article by Clicking HERE.

What are your favorite KISS Side projects?
Gene Simmons' movies or Tv shows? Paul Stanley's art work or solo tour?
Tell us below.

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