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Peter Criss Among 2013 Honorees at 7th Annual Beauty Ball

Peter Criss to receive the newly named "Peter Criss Man of the Year Award" from The Beauty Fondation for Cancer Care.

(from Fort Mill Times) The Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care, a non-profit organization that serves to alleviate the physical, financial and emotional burdens patients and their families face while coping with cancer, will honor four people for their courage, devotion and philanthropy in the fight against cancer.

Cara Schoner and Denise Gantz will jointly receive the 2013 “Woman of Courage” award. Cara, a 30-year-old resident of Lakehurst, N.J., is bravely fighting Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after receiving her diagnosis in her fifth month of pregnancy. Denise, formerly of Keyport, N.J., will be honored posthumously, as she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer last year. Her sister, Donna Muniz, who is helping to raise Denise’s two children, will accept the award on her behalf.

Peter Criss, co-founder and drummer of the rock supergroup KISS, will receive the Beauty Foundation’s first “Man of Courage” award. The new honor will be named “The Peter Criss Man of Courage Award” after this year. “I think it’s wonderful that The Beauty Foundation is giving exposure to male breast cancer,” Mr. Criss said. “The more aware that men become that this is not just a woman’s disease, the more lives that will be saved.”

Morgan Cline, former CEO and founder of the advertising agency giant Cline, Davis, and Mann, will receive the Brown/Diamond Award of Philanthropy for his personal and financial commitments to multiple cancer organizations and hospitals.

“This year’s honorees embody the holistic view that our organization has on the fight against cancer,” said Lori Ceraolo, Beauty Foundation board member. “We want to recognize the courageous, the giving and the selfless individuals whose lives are truly inspirational.”

This is Peter Criss' second award in as many months as he will be honored by the American Cancer Society with their Humanitarian Award later this month.

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  1. Good for you peter. as a man who has been through a bout with tonsilar cancer...i thank you for using your fame to help raise awareness for the male breast cancer issue. keep up the good work. and......Tour ! youve been sitting on your backside for the most part since 2004. solo shows or hopefully a kiss reunion before gene and paul retire at the end of 2013 and do that stupid kiss 2 b.s.


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