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Breakout Brands 2015: Rock & Brews

Rock & Brews is a rock ’n’ roll themed restaurant backed by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from ’70s rock band, Kiss. Its CEO, Mike Reynolds, isn’t a rock rookie, having discovered the band Missing Persons and managed the ’80s band Night Ranger. But despite the rock royalty, the California-based chain is as serious about the food as it is about the music.

“The food is amazing,” Reynolds said. “Paul Stanley is very much a foodie. He’s very much into having a little different spin on American fare.”

That is what sets Rock & Brews apart from some of its predecessors that tried combining music or entertainment with a restaurant experience, Reynolds said.

“I think what was missing in the package with the Hard Rock [Cafes] and those types of restaurants is that they were much more set up to be tourist-type museums with merchandise sales,” Reynolds said. “Food was an afterthought.”

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