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New KISS Book on 1978 Solo Albums released

A new book "detailing and exploring" the 1978 KISS solo albums is out, from author Julian Gill and publisher KISSFAQ.com. Gene, Ace, Peter & Paul: A detailed exploration of the 1978 KISS solo albums is available in paper back, for $19.76, at Amazon. It is also available in the electronic Kindle format for just $9.99.

About the Book:
This work represents the culmination of a massive effort made to celebrate the then 35th anniversary of the 1978 KISS solo albums in 2013. As a detailed exploration of those solo album releases the KissFAQ website endeavored to delve into the depths of minutiae interviewing those musicians and supporting cast of characters directly involved in the four simultaneous projects. There is only one way to conclude any introduction to this work... To: Paul, Peter, Ace, & Gene

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