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Gene Simmons Describes Undying Loyalty To Paul Stanley; Compares Axl Rose To The Kardashians

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS were never shy about speaking their minds. They've also managed to stay partners in one of the most beloved bands in the world since the '70s, despite whatever differences they may have. So how to two big personalities like Gene and Paul stay friends through thick and thin?

While speaking with Goldmine Magazine, Simmons describes why he maintains a special relationship with Stanley, despite some of the harsh things he wrote about him in his book. "You have to figure out that the person next to you isn’t you. So sometimes you don’t’ understand why I might have a different appetite than him," said Simmons. "I make no excuses for having a record company and now a film company. Our first film was just finished and it stars Anne Heche, Wesley Snipes; it’s a good movie and I’ll be doling lots of them. I wanted to act and produce records and have a record company because I’m unapologetically insatiable. If I have an appetite for something I want it! But it is true, as other things take more time you don’t’ do your other stuff in KISS as well. So we do have a better relationship today because you live and you learn."

Simmons went on to say, "You understand that despite it all we both share a great work ethic, we show up on time and do the work and we never 'Axl Rose' our way out of anything. I think the same way a “Kardashian” became a 72-day long time reference, I think Axl deserves that thing that could become a verb, 'Don’t Axl your way out of this thing.' I think that’s appropriate."

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