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VIDEO: Gene Simmons Honors Chuck Berry Onstage During First-Ever Solo Performance

Over the weekend (March 18, 2017), rock ‘n’ roll was dealt another painful loss with the passing of pioneer Chuck Berry. He was responsible for bringing a considerable amount of attitude to his playing, lyrics and stage presence, ushering in a new age of rock music, altering the musical landscape forever. During his first-ever solo performance, KISS legend Gene Simmons paid tribute to the late and great musician in Cleveland, Ohio on the same night as the passing.

Announcing the song they were about to play was unrehearsed, the solo band ripped into a cover of the classic “Johnny B. Goode.” The members of the group, which also includes guitarists Phil Souse and Ryan Cook, guitarist / bassist Jeremy Asbrock and drummer Jarred Pope (who all play in Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency), alternated turns behind the microphone, joining in for group shouts and Simmons taking control over a portion of a verse.

Berry passed away on Saturday afternoon in the St. Louis area and no cause of death has yet been listed. Since his death, a number of rock and metal artists have reacted, posting heartfelt tributes on social media.

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