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Writer’s Commentary: Chris Sebela Talks KISS/Vampirella #2

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. Or at least it feels like that when you’re reading my really yappy commentary track on KISS/VAMPIRELLA #2, which you now hold in your hot little hands.

Before we get rolling, I wanna stop for a second at the start and talk about how good of a team Annapaola and Valentina are on this book. A mismatch between line art and colors can mess up even the greatest book, but Valentina takes Annapaola’s amazing inks and really builds on them. Anyhow, I know people were a little iffy that not a ton of BIG STUFF happened last issue, so we’ll see if this one fixes that. Let’s get into it.

Page 1:
Oh, and story-wise, we’re back in the house on Cielo Drive, which no longer exists. It got torn down after Trent Reznor owned it in the late ’90s. A perfect place for a nice satanic ritual with our buddy in the suit who Lily and Vampi followed up here last issue.

Page 2:
And we’re back with KISS and their buddy being run down the side of the Riot House. I definitely approached KISS as a real band; real people who find themselves quickly drawn into something completely nuts and how they’d react to that, which is mostly diving in and worrying about the consequences later.

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